Artist  Background

Even from a young age, Chris was drawing pictures on work, church bulletins, advertisements, newspapers, and magazine covers.  As he grew older, he created imaginary characters to accompany stories made up by he and his friends.  These simple creations were an early indication of his obvious love for art.

Chris took private art lessons through high school and expanded his drawings to include sketches and paintings of familiar cartoon heroes and video game characters.  He graduated from Rochester Community and Technical College with a special emphasis in Fine Arts.  Since then, he has continued to expand his skills through online research and tutorials. 

As a young adult, his artistic focus has centered on painting outdoor scenes with both oils and acrylics.  Drawing from his life experiences in California and Minnesota, he is able to capture the natural beauty of his surroundings.  His paintings and photographs create for the observer the feeling that he or she has either somehow been there before or would like to go there.

Artist Statement

Growing up in California and Minnesota, I have experienced the beauty displayed in the many lakes and streams, oceans and beaches, mountains and forests, fields and meadows that abound in the Golden State and the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  My focus as an artist is to help the observer both see and feel the beauty, serenity,and tranquility of the natural landscapes, scenes, and landmarks that are clearly revealed all around us. 


My style incorporates a realistic perspective with attention to detail using the contrast of light and dark inherent in nature.  I work to bring life to my paintings with the use of rich, earthy colors, with a hint of movement, and with a suggestion of something more.